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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sshhh...I'm Hiding.

Aidan Photos (Dec 2005), originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Aidan likes to hold unto anything he can grab, like this high stool of ours. So funny, this kid of ours.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

And Me Again.

Aidan Photos (Dec 2005), originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Nothing to lose, nothing to gain by having this face of mine posted once again. Hope you won't get tired of seeing me. I just wana see how I grow day by day of my baby days.

Nude Photo.

Aidan's Photos (Dec 2005), originally uploaded by antondiaz.


Aidan's Photos (Dec 2005), originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Close up of Aidan after taking his bath. Smells good.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Sitting Alone.

11/28/05 16:58, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Care to join moi? I have skyflakes to share wth you.


11/28/05 16:56, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Just Me. Just Aidan.


11/28/05 16:55, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Poppa & I posing after their Neo spa massage. Did you enjoy your massage, Poppa?
Taken in Dita Sandico-Ong shop, Greenhills.

Can't Take My Eyes Off You Lumpia!

Little Store - 10, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Food were everywhere but I cannot eat any of those...lumpia, maki-mi, crab something...looks yummy! But contrary to waht Momma said, AnTzo's lumpia and maki tastes the BEST! Nothing compares to it..well, I believe Momma, after all, I also eat what she eats.

Chinita & Chinito of My Life

The Neo Spa Experience, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

What precious gems Poppa have! Lucky Poppa! I love you my precious ones!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

That's My Boy.

11/27/05 12:16, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Smiling Aidan. How can you get mad to this smiling boy? Always the smiling boy. , my boy.


11/27/05 15:20, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

I can sleep on this soft sofa while waiting for Momma...Momma, please wake me up when you're done there.

Holdup Ito.

11/27/05 15:17, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Okay, okay. I have nothing to give but myself. I can go with you but can you take me? Do you have breastmilk I can drink? I don't drink formula milk, you see. Can you make food for me? I can eat almost anything. I can be very active, can you handle me?

Kilala Kita.

11/27/05 12:21, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

I know you!
This is one of Aidan's new antics, with water in his mouth, he would trick you into thinking that he swallowed it already but later on, he would either spit it out or let it explode.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Nah, This Ain't My Momma.

Kindermusik 2nd Session - 43, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Oh yes, Aidan has long ago recognize who his Momma is through his sense of smell, touch and sight. But this did not stop Aidan to let Tita Mita (Mom of Chloie) play with him. He's such a friendly and jolly baby. Don't you just adore him?

Is That Moi?

Kindermusik 2nd Session - 33, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Nice shot you got there of me! I just love seeing myself in the mirror.
By now, Aidan realizes that it's himself he's seeing and finds this discovery of his own reflection fascinating. Isn't it obvious?

Another Family Picture

Kindermusik 2nd Session - 35, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

And now, it was Momma's turn to be at the backroom. Hmmm....when would be my turn?

Stealing A Smile.

Kindermusik 2nd Session - 108, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Aint't that just makes your day complete? This is a usual scenario with Aidan. He just loves to smile until his eyes would just be a straight line. Yes, he can still see you. In fact, his eyesight is more sharper than yours.

Me & My Teddy.

Kindermusik 2nd Session - 3, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Teacher Jeannie lend me her teddy, isn't that nice of her? I'm enjoying this 2nd session of our Kindermusik Village class.


I Love You Store - 5, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Always the smiling Aidan while waiting for Momma&Poppa doing their stuff!

I Love You, Momma.

I Love You Store - 2, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

I love you, Momma but can we just go home?...I'm sooo tired today. Sinulit ako ngayon a!

Aidan Meets Aida.

Galileo Enotica - 17, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Most of the time, Aidan is mistakenly identified as a baby GIRL..a GIRL?!@#$% Hello! Does he wear an earrings? with headband? girly clothes?...better think twice before asking the Momma. O well, here's Aida...the girl you are looking for.

Baby for All Seasons.

Store for All Seasons - 1, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Surely, Aidan would be my Baby For All Seasons in SFAS. Isn't he getting big?

Service Sucks!

Galileo Enotica - 12, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Where's my food?!!@#$ I've been waiting forever.

I Love The Ladies!

I Love You Store - 10, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Surrounding me is one of the owner, Sharon and the Manager, Danielle. Aren't they just sport to have picture with Momma & me? By the way, Momma just tried this one-of-a-kind dress even if she knew this is already sold (worth P4,100). Oh well, at least, Poppa's sure that there wouldn't be another dress with a tag inside M's closet.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Naked Underneath.

11/24/05 12:37, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Aidan's everywhere! Even in changing his diapers, he can't stay put. He would bounce, bounce..(balik freshness, balik bounce, bounce!..oopss!)

My Tooth.

11/24/05 12:33, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Hi Everubody! I'm 10-month old already and can't wait to have all my teeth so I can eat all the food I want.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Yes, Momma.

11/23/05 16:19, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

See, this is his 3rd phone. Isn't this a sign?

Capturing Still Moments of Aidan

11/23/05 16:20, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

One of the now rare moments where Momma can capture Aidan, who patiently waits to be changed.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hello Garci!

11/22/05 13:09, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Now that Garci's back...
Hello, hello, let's sing together.
Hello, hello, let's sing hello.

Where's the Signal?

11/22/05 16:44, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Another fave toy of Aidan.

Young Techie At Heart.

11/22/05 13:09, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

See?..Aidan's becoming a techie at this age. He loves throwing anything anywhere it suits him as long as it tires the one who would return it to him. Smart huh.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Ninang Luisa's Night Visit

11/21/05 20:24, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Aidan was already sleeping when Ninang Luisa dropped by. Fortunately, Aidan woke up sensing that there was a visitor. Momma let Aidan out of the room to show Ninang how Aidan has grown up since Ninang Luisa last saw Aidan.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Catch Me If You Can!

11/20/05 14:27, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Aidan loves this couch at The Next Door because of the long crawling section, not to mention that it's sugat-free.

Phew! I'm Sweating!

11/20/05 13:31, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Momma and Aidan's can't do without picture tandem. Momma, you look old! =) Aidan just woke up from his afternoon nap.

Can I, Momma?

11/20/05 13:35, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Tired from practicing from a far, Aidan wanted to go to the court to play. Of course, Momma had to divert his attention to other things which was easy since this was Aidan's 1st time to be in a badminton center where Aidan would just look around and observe.

Starting Young.

11/20/05 13:34, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

From the start, Poppa wanted to buy a baby's badminton racket for Aidan but couldn't find any but this did not stop Aidan from practicing the grip position.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Real Car.

11/19/05 10:01, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Aidan likes to sit with his Poppa and manuoever the car. This is a usual scene whenever waiting for Momma to come down.

A Different Aidan

uh-oh...are you afraid of Aidan now? Funny but cute picture it is!

Crab-bing With Sa-E.

11/19/05 14:42, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Posing with Sa-E was fun. Was hoping to spend more time with Sa-E who is always busy at work. There's life after work, Sa-E. Spend more time with me, puh-lease.

At Crustasia.

11/19/05 14:41, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

I love this colorful background at Crustasia. Added color was Momma's green jacket. Incidentally, this is Aidan's 10th month brithday.

I See You!

One of Aidan's joyous moment is to see himself. Whenever Aidan is having his moods, all we have to do is show himself to a mirror and voila! He's now giggling to himself. Such a joy! Nothing compares to this...

Is This Kai Shaio?

Hmmm...Aidan and Julie are still too young to even think about Poppa, let's just be friendly.

Dancing To The Tune

This is just the warm up Poppa! Go, go, go! Come on! Let's have fun!

Bonding wih Poppa.

This is my Poppa! I love him so much like he does me! Mwa!

Is It Momma's? or Poppa's?

Nose to nose, Lips to be the judge if those traits came from Momma...or Poppa.

Now, That's A Role Student

Listening as if Aidan understood one bit Teacher Jeannie has said but it is the least of Momma's concern. At least Aidan has the capability to listen, that's what's important.

Ayun Oh!

Aidan starts to point things out with his pointer finger. It's like he is doing a rap...yo! Yes, Yes, Yo! while Momma is listening to teacher Jeannie...

Aidan's Recharged!

11/19/05 13:47, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Burp! I'm Full! We wanted to take Aidan with Momma with the apron/ bib on them, didn't you notice?...Nah, I guess not until I said so...


11/19/05 13:49, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Nowadays, it is challenging to take a perfect picture of Aidan because he easily gets distracted with the surroundings like this one. Uh-oh...


11/19/05 13:48, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

After eating, we just thought of taking our picture.