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Friday, March 31, 2006

Break Time!

after playing with benjamin, tita yvette's son, aidan just had to have a rest...benjamin was trying aidan's strength on everything! everytime, aidan is playing with a toy, benjamin would then grab it from him...but aidan was smarter than that, he ran from benjamin and when this did not stop B, he shrug B's hands off his toy! Yes, Aidan knew if he owns it or not. See? And no need to tell you where he got it from....yes, of course,...from his poppa!

okay aidan, get up and stretch, stretch, stretch!

look at aidan's outfit. we had to do some layering with his clothes, aside from the cold weather, well, aidan needs to be in fashion! =) just optimizing aidan's clothes until he outgrows from it.

One Big Happy Groupie.

no, no, aidan can not hide it no more! he has been enjoying himself too much with cousins nils and mika! especially with a-e who was too "gigil" with aidan! a-e has been showering me with love, food and toys! a-e really knows his way with kids huh!

loved this photo, one can feel the warmth and joy they're feeling back then! wish we could have stayed longer!

looking forward to more times with you cousins!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Driving....My Momma Crazy!

March 30, 2006, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

getting bored indoors, aidan saw this car! a car that has been waiting for him at a-e's backyard eversince he arrived from LA. aidan has a sharp eye, ain't he? actually, momma was hoping aidan wouldn't be able to see it because of the cold weather especially outdoors but alas, there is no more escaping the weather...oh well, why not give aidan a chance to enjoy more of his stay with a-e. the kids, nils and mika at this time, was in school so while waiting for them, aidan played non-stop. Nobody can stop him not even to eat! momma even had a hard time to brbing aidan out of the car. aidan now knows what he wants and what he can do if he is being persuaded to do otherwise. gotta have a new strategy momma!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Brunch@SouthCoast Hotel.

DSC00188, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

definitely havin' a great time with a-e!

just finished our brunch and wowowee! we're so full that we'll have to burn the calories we've put! boy, momma will be having fun! i know momma's itching to go to the outlet, any outlet to be honest because her shopping time has been limited with me in tow! good news to poppa! lesser credit card bill payment!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Gold Coast Breakfast Buffet - 8, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

takas lang itong litrato kasi bawal ang bata sa slot machines...

Aidan was soooo fascinated with the slot machines..he thought it was the tv back home....

Payakap Naman.

Gold Coast Breakfast Buffet - 7, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

sorry for this mushy picture...we just can't help but embrace aidan...hehehe

yeah, we're still having our buffet..can't get enough of the food choices!....we're soooo hungry...this is one of our brunch our next food stop would be for dinner so Momma and I have to eat, eat, eat!!!

I'm With Tita Yvette.

Gold Coast Breakfast Buffet - 6, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

nice to meet you, tita yvette!


Gold Coast Breakfast Buffet - 2, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

hehehe that's not a tobacco...Aidan likes to hold his food like he did with this sausage.

Breakfast Buffet at Gold Coast! Yummy and yahoo!

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Only Resto at Mt. Charleston.

Snow @ Mt. Charleston - 10, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

our food...we ordered some salad, pizza, chicken fingers and some exotic meat...elk, buffalo and uh, i forgot was nothing to rave about since we have no other resto to go to and we haven't eaten since our late breakfast and it was already almost dinner time!..but Aidan is still composed...oh yes, because the kids had their snacks prepared by their food was limited so we ordered and ordered...burp!

First Snow Fall.

Snow @ Mt. Charleston - 8, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

ooopppsss....did it hurt, baby Aidan?...i don' think so...he didn't even cry...he just got hold of himself and again, he was standing on his own...starting to walk once more.

Snow @ Mt. Charleston.

Snow @ Mt. Charleston - 5, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Me and Momma. Momma was excited for me. Kita naman e...because this is all Aidan's 1st times....1st time to go to Las Vegas, 1st time to feel and play with the snow...1st time to feel cold without any aircon turned on! Wihee!...Aidan love it here!

Aidan's First Snow.

Snow @ Mt. Charleston - 7, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

It was no surprise to us that Aidan would love this place. Aside from feeling the cool weather, he can sense that it was different walking on the snow. He truly had fun on this trip to Mt. Charleston. Good thing, A-e thought of this! We really went here to catch the snow. Even if there weren't any snow falling, at least Aidan got to hold and feel the snow.

Uh-oh, where is Aidan?

Snow @ Mt. Charleston - 1, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

hehehe aidan was behind that little young lady, Mika. This was taken while we were all still strapped in on the way to Mt Charleston.

The Diaz with the Jernslettens.

Red Rock Canyon - 21, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

clockwise: Momma, Aidan, Mikaela Viola, A-e aka Michelle and Nils Edward.

just wana share with you the grandest time because cousins Nils and Mikaela was there..and of course, a proof that they are real and not just ficticious characters...

A-e, thanks so much for the wonderful time spent with you. Momma was very happy to be with you becasue she misses you...yeah, i know her son alright...I love you too! I won't forget you...bec. you made me stay in the carseat/ sroller always esp during long drives/ strolls inspite of my objections...and most specially of all the yoghurts and all the yummy food you let me eat!

Cool Boy with Cool Uncle Lorenz.

Red Rock Canyon - 2, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

another time spent with my cool Uncle Lorenz....he always likes to cuddle me....hmmm...looks like Uncle Lorenz is practicing on me....well, i'll give you 5 stars for that!

Diaz Family @ Red Rock Canyon, LV.

Red Rock Canyon - 12, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

nope, we were not in the desert but at the Red Rock Canyon...A-e drove us there with cousins, Nils and Mika, it was a 1-hr trip but it was worth it for tourist like us. Too bad our time was limited so we weren't able to do rock climbing or just a stroll, maybe another time then! =) Count me in! Am sure Aidan will be big enough to rock climb the next time he's back in Las Vegas.
This is one of the trips Poppa was with us. He had to go back home (to wash and iron our clothes left behind..hihihi) while me and Momma spend time with A-e and the kids.
Thank you Uncle Lorenz for driving Poppa here in Vegas.
Alas, this is another family picture of us! Dumadami na a!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Messing Up.

aidan has been trying to mess up a-e's place...good thing, everything is chidproof! reason? because of nils and mika! so aidan's safe to run around and play and scatter toys without hesitation!...

aidan was soo happy to be here with a-e in las vegas. aside from the free messing up the place, he gets to play with his 2 cousins and their toys!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Garbage Kid.

Aidan goes to hollywood! - 36, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

see, everything and anything he can get hold of...he will play with...wala kasing laruan e....kaya lahat ginagawang laruan..

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The 2-in-1 Gadget.

Aidan goes to hollywood! - 35, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

a remote control and a cellphone for Aidan...anything he can get hold like a phone for him...hello?....eyo?....that's always his starting line....

can u guess how many shirts/ pants he is wearing?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Aidan goes to hollywood! - 34, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

This is my fave spot...the sofa....malamig din kasi dito...may buga ng aircon...brrrr...kaya nga naka-jaket pa din ako.

ang kulit kasi ni Momma, kuha ng kuha ng litrato ko, ayaw tumigil....ayan, posing ako ng posing..walang katapusan...

What Now?

Aidan goes to hollywood! - 33, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

yeah, that's one of his fave toy to play with...Momma gets tired of making pasaway me because I always play around what I can play with...buti na lang di ko pa ako marunong mansira...or else, yari na ako....

malamig pa din sa loob ng bahay...kasi naman itong si Momma....ewan...basta...pero enjoy pa din ako kasi malamig! unlike sa Pinas...ang init sa mga panahong ito!....sana di pa nga ako babalik Poppa lang kasi...umuwi uwi pa. Ayan, kami tuloy pinauuwi ng maaga...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Ano Ba?

Aidan goes to hollywood! - 32, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Momma just had to take my picture because she forgot to take one during my awakening days....bilin ni Poppa..always take at least on photo of Aidan...kaya nga di na natin namamamlayan na lumalaki na itong batang ito kasi araw araw may litrato....di na nagbabago si Aidan sa paningin ng mommy nya....kyut pa din!

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Aidan goes to hollywood! - 31, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

nanggigigil si Tita Bing sa akin....ahem...Tito Tom, time to make a new baby....siguro kaya di nyo dinala si kuya toby at si ate...we'll know that in a few months time....hahaha peace!

see you in June! hopefully, i'll meet my new playmates by then!


Aidan goes to hollywood! - 31, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

nanggigigil si Tita Bing sa akin....ahem...Tito Tom, time to make a new baby....siguro kaya di nyo dinala si kuya toby at si ate...we'll know that in a few months time....hahaha peace!

see you in June! hopefully, i'll meet my new playmates by then!

A Reunion in LA's Chinatown.

Aidan goes to hollywood! - 30, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

alas! we got to meet with Poppa and Momma's college friends...Tito Tom with Tita Bing (and no kids, sob sob for me), TIto Tony Kulot with Tita and new playmate...

we were so full and we can no longer eat everything...halata ba sa pictures na bundat na si Tito Tom? hehehe sayang karga ako ni Tito Tony kasi palakihan sila ng tyan ni Tito Tom...naku, nabuking! hehehe

Looks Like Madonna.

Aidan goes to hollywood! - 39, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

nope, we don't look like one bit like her....we just had to take this picture....

another new friend of ours, Tita Kim, who spent the weekend with us....taken while we were going to the Hollywood Blvd....

3 Stoogies and A Baby.

Aidan goes to hollywood! - 42, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Any idea where Aidan is?....

we were walking going to Hollywood Blvd where we saw this...and the next thing we did was take Aidan and have his picture taken with them for FREE!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Side View Muna.

Aidan goes to hollywood! - 16, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

masyadong active na si Aidan...di na mapigil...see the red mark on his forehead, yep, that's one proof of his being unstoppable...but still cute =D

iloveyou aidan dominic!

Friday, March 17, 2006

I Left My Heart in LA.....

Aidan goes to hollywood! - 14, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

this young kiddie was into Aidan....while we were eating at a mall's food court, she walks to our table and joined Aidan's pictorial...and she was hugging and playing with Aidan...too bad we didn't get her name...she didn't speak English either...

here comes the next heartthrob of Manila...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

And That's My Gokukong!

Aidan goes to hollywood! - 12, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

a truly funny goodlooking gokukong of mine....yes, Momma's sure that my dad is my Poppa...=D no doubt!

too bad we didn't get to meet once more...i was hoping to meet Auntie Lola Aileen...maybe next time...when I'm taller than you hehehe

Here's Akimpo For Me!

Aidan goes to hollywood! - 11, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

another first for Aidan!...yes, it was our first time to meet with akimpo...but where is akukong?...uuhhhmmmm....he was camera shy...

we had a nice time with akukong and akimpo...we had lunch at souplantation...Momma liked it because it was a healthy joint where they serve salads...but it was a buffet so Momma pigged out once again! she liked everything in sight! she even got the ice cream....and yummy, did i taste it! =)

almost forgot, akimpo thank you for this shape book you've given was thoughtful of you to even think of me while you were strolling down the park....thanks so much! hope to see you when you go back here in Manila...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Aidan goes to hollywood! - 10, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

one of Aidan's first few syllables....baahhh....ginugulat ang sarili hehehe...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Meet Tita Maryfe, our Lunchdate.

Aidan goes to hollywood! - 5, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

tita maryfe...tita maryfe...we miss you...when are you coming back here?

tita maryfe was sooo mabait to assist momma in carrying and playing with me whenever we meet up...don't forget Tita maryfe usually get the tab, sooo sweet of her the way, i also just want to mention that i always enjoyed spending time with Tita Maryfe. Looking forward to being with you when you visit us here in Manila! is on Momma =) (so Momma, save up!)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Welcome Aidan!

Aidan goes to hollywood! - 2, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

brrrr! ang ginaw! sosyal si aidan kasi pumunta pa ng LA para magbakasyon e sa bahay din naman pala mamamalagi...hahahaha
well, as you can see, Aidan's having a grand time here...his playground is bigger but then, kulang sa toys =) sorry baby, momma can only bring so much toys for u...but i know u sure enjoyed playing with all the remote control, wireless phone, keys, pots and pans.
btw, you sure grew fast!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Happy Being Here.

we just had to let Aidan sit on one of the benches there...wala lang. Happy naman siya diba?

I Love My Poppa!

One more hug for Poppa. I'm going to miss you Poppa . Now be good okay while we also behave here in LA. I love you!

Just Me @ Getty Museum.

Aidan @ Getty Center Museum.

A happy Diaz family at the Getty Museum.

Aidan happily strolling inside the campus of the Getty Museum while Poppa and Uncle Lorenz took sunset pictures. It was very windy but nevertheless, Aidan had a nice time.

Aidan's At The Inn of the Seventh Ray.

Inn of the Seventh Ray - 22, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

where is that?!...well, it is in Topanga, LA...that is a long way from Manila but we went anyway...all because we wanted to go to the most romantic resto in LA! Food here is great because all the ingredients are organically grown and freshly made cooked in nut or olive oils...ehem, it was pretty obvious that the food was yummy!
Aidan truly enjoyed being in LA except for the countless attire he had to wear while being there.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hi Ninong Lorenz!

halo!...long time no see!...and here we are with our luggage...we just want to rest....but who would want to do that in LA?...hahaha

aidan has no idea that he just flew across the world and he is now clue at all! clueless Aidan!

LA, Here We Are!

...we definitely are here! pretty cold huh...

we need more sleep...but before that, we need our daily dose of picture session....shoot! shoot! shoot!

Just Woke Up.

..alas, aidan just woke up after a full 10+ hours of sleep...good boy huh...momma can't thank you enough that you slept almost the entire trip..the only issue momma had was that her big ass was sore after all those hours of sitting! well, nobody to blame....

good thing the asian man moved to another seat so momma need not be so conscious of whatever aidan may do...but then, too bad for that man because aidan was sound asleep after a few minutes of travel...

Aidan's LA Adventure! must go on...on so we leave this photo for you to think about your life...hahaha...

we're in dreamland so i hope you'll be too!

Looks Familiar?

yep, you got it! Diaz' family is here for a month! yes, you heard it right! We'll rock your world! can't wait to see ninong lorenz! and am hungry!

btw, it is cold out here...winter is is already spring! of course, for filipinos like us, who are used to the heat back in manila, isn't used to the cold out here...thus, the long sleeves and jackets! aidan boy sure escaped the heat in manila, lucky boy!

Even Here!

Aidan just woke up from his night sleep. We are almost there...calling lola and lolo to say i miss you!

PAL FLIGHT to LA is one of the best schedule when flying with a toddler. We were in business class, an advantage momma had over poppa, it meant good food and more space! Good thing, our supposedly neighbor moved out and had himself transferred to a childfree neighbor. How lucky we were!

First LA Dinner.

they say, a way to a man's heart is through his stomach...they forgot to include matter what condition aidan is in, as long as there is food, he will be up and about!...nothing can tire this young lad...of course, you have to let him get his daily dose of sleep but after that, you better fuel yourself up for you will be one tired nanny of this kid...

we were at this new mall (forgot the name since it has been months since we've been there...and today is june...)...nice mall...too nice for me to forget the name..hahaha

Friday, March 10, 2006

Bye, Bye Love!

see you in a month's time!

i have to catch up with my sleep! later! ciao!

We're Leaving On A JetPlane.

...this is my first long trip!...wowowee!..and am feeling sleepy already....of course, you are darling because it is almost thing nice about the PAL flights..they leave late at night and arrives in LA late afternoon...just in time for a dinner then you doze off once again to dreamland...

we sure are excited to be on a plane! we'll be back! stay tuned with my adventures!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Proud Moms.

Fig & Olives - 1, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Isn't it obvious that we, Margie & I, are excited to have our pictures taken whle our sons, Aidan and Ruiz, were not...o well, as long as they did their part in posing for us...hehehe...
I think AIdan is still hungry...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Did It! I Did It!

3:7:06, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

first time aidan held a trumpet and voila! he knew how to make a sound out of it! wonderful!

it surprised momma...that's the reason why she took this photo of show it to me when i grow old. old? that would be years to come by! gosh, tons of tons of souvenir photos of me and my firsts!