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Friday, March 31, 2006

Break Time!

after playing with benjamin, tita yvette's son, aidan just had to have a rest...benjamin was trying aidan's strength on everything! everytime, aidan is playing with a toy, benjamin would then grab it from him...but aidan was smarter than that, he ran from benjamin and when this did not stop B, he shrug B's hands off his toy! Yes, Aidan knew if he owns it or not. See? And no need to tell you where he got it from....yes, of course,...from his poppa!

okay aidan, get up and stretch, stretch, stretch!

look at aidan's outfit. we had to do some layering with his clothes, aside from the cold weather, well, aidan needs to be in fashion! =) just optimizing aidan's clothes until he outgrows from it.


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