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Monday, March 27, 2006

Diaz Family @ Red Rock Canyon, LV.

Red Rock Canyon - 12, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

nope, we were not in the desert but at the Red Rock Canyon...A-e drove us there with cousins, Nils and Mika, it was a 1-hr trip but it was worth it for tourist like us. Too bad our time was limited so we weren't able to do rock climbing or just a stroll, maybe another time then! =) Count me in! Am sure Aidan will be big enough to rock climb the next time he's back in Las Vegas.
This is one of the trips Poppa was with us. He had to go back home (to wash and iron our clothes left behind..hihihi) while me and Momma spend time with A-e and the kids.
Thank you Uncle Lorenz for driving Poppa here in Vegas.
Alas, this is another family picture of us! Dumadami na a!


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