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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Diaz with the Jernslettens.

Red Rock Canyon - 21, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

clockwise: Momma, Aidan, Mikaela Viola, A-e aka Michelle and Nils Edward.

just wana share with you the grandest time because cousins Nils and Mikaela was there..and of course, a proof that they are real and not just ficticious characters...

A-e, thanks so much for the wonderful time spent with you. Momma was very happy to be with you becasue she misses you...yeah, i know her son alright...I love you too! I won't forget you...bec. you made me stay in the carseat/ sroller always esp during long drives/ strolls inspite of my objections...and most specially of all the yoghurts and all the yummy food you let me eat!


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