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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Here's Akimpo For Me!

Aidan goes to hollywood! - 11, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

another first for Aidan!...yes, it was our first time to meet with akimpo...but where is akukong?...uuhhhmmmm....he was camera shy...

we had a nice time with akukong and akimpo...we had lunch at souplantation...Momma liked it because it was a healthy joint where they serve salads...but it was a buffet so Momma pigged out once again! she liked everything in sight! she even got the ice cream....and yummy, did i taste it! =)

almost forgot, akimpo thank you for this shape book you've given was thoughtful of you to even think of me while you were strolling down the park....thanks so much! hope to see you when you go back here in Manila...


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