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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Father and Son.

...ang galing! nicely captured....ang cute mo Aidan...never cease to touch Momma's heart....we love you!

Sunset With The Diaz.

...we only had a little time to capture the sunset...and Aidan was laready this was our sunset photo....

A Long Wait For The Sunset.

Just waiting....before we go up again....Aidan's too active to just stay in one we decided to go down for the meantime...

Waiting With Poppa.

Hi Aidan! Looking up after a walk with Poppa. Uncle Rommel was up the look up post where you can see almost all of the island nearby Pangalusian Island! What a sight! A worth hike, after all!

Our Trek To The SkyHigh.

This was a tiring trek. As you can see, the women there are not properly geared...yes, they forgot that they were hiking was a 30minute hike or was it just a 10-minute hike? Whatever! For Momma, it was an exercise! It was fortunate that AIdan was with Uncle Rommel or Poppa for Momma can no longer carry Aidan. Bigat na kaya nyan no...kailangan pa naming buhatin sarili namin =)

A Walk To Remember Part II.

...bonding moments wth Poppa....parang masinsinang usapan na yan a....Momma likes to watch Poppa and Aidan together...there are times when Momma sees Poppa in Aidan...wala lang, nakakatuwa whenever Poppa is away, he is not far away from Momma's thoughts.

A Walk To Remember Part I. exercise for Aidan....along the shores of Pangalusian Island...

Am Hungry!

Aidan getting pumped up for our hike to catch the sunset...this is our last chance to catch the sunset because tomorrow, we will be leaving El Nido. Will surely miss our island hopping and the buffets!

Aidan eats anything he sees his Poppa and Momma has!...good that he is not choosy with food...sige lang ng sige =)

Tara Na!

Fun With The Sands.

See? He is not bothered with the sand anymore. He just loves to walk and walk, anywhere where his feet can bring him....he is a brave boy...not afraid to thread the untrodden way...go, go Aidan!

Look at his tummy and the way the trunks are falling...see the line above his trunks? can see the white portion of his body meaning that he has already gotten darker...uh-oh...time for a re-application of the sunblock!

The Kiddie Bikini Contestant.

Presenting Aidan Diaz....wearing a light blue swimming trunks...standing 79.5 cm and weighing 11.7kg. Phew! What a built!

Naglalambing Lang Po.

Aidan usually makes this endearment to his Poppa and Momma. He is such a dahling to us....of course, he has this temper also but all is forgotten once he gets this "lambing"...this is one thing that makes all your stress go away! Nothing beats having AIdan!

Diaz' @ The Secret Beach.

Aidan's getting used to going to the beach. He doesn't get tickled stepping on the sand anymore....maybe because of the fine texture of the sand...or it's just he is getting used to walking on the sand.

Us Having A Grand TIme.

What A Breathtaking View!

....with the sparkling clear water, fine sands and a breathtaking view, what more can you ask for?....hmmm...FOOD! we're hungry!

@ Shimizu Island.

...having fun...

What's That, Aidan?

No Comment. Aidan trying to show off...what?! You're too young for that Aidan...hehehe
Funny photo of you...don't get mad when you see this...

It's Lunchtime at Shimizu Island! huh....this time, we had company..the locals, because it was a sunday and the beach is not an exclusive one...oh well, after a while the locals again, that left us alone in that island once again! how lovely isn't it? wish we could find an island with the clear water and fine sands to step unto near manila. how we wish!

Poppa! Poppa!

...catch us if you can!...

Another Shot!

...of different angle this time....but same subject....still Aidan...always Aidan!


...having fun....i love having a dip! can we stay a little more longer here, Momma?....just put more sunblock on me....

More Scenic Shots with Aidan.

...still in Shimizu Island...

A Dip at Shimizu Island.

We just love island hopping! Best of all, having a dip into the clear water! Aidan just love being in the water...we wish we could have stayed could get used to being in this island...we were really fortunate to have been here! Till the next time!

Here You Are!

Go back to the earlier photo and you can now see where Aidan was hidden...he was sleepy during this boat ride because we woke him up early. We also had to wrap him because of the water splashing our face. Look how sleepy he was! We cannot remove the life vest because of the SOP and of course, it is for his safety. Safety first before comfort.

Help Me Find Aidan Fast!

Can you find Aidan? He seems to be hiding somewhere?..maybe we left him at the town...oh no! my baby! of course, he wouldn't be left behind! Mawala ng lahat, huwag lang si baby aidan...and poppa and momma and uncle rommel and ninang maong....
hurry, we got to find Aidan!

Not The Usual Aidan.

Good Morning Aidan!
We had to wake Aidan up earlier than his usual time because we had to hear mass at the town...that explains the grouchiness of his face...sorry Aidan but we can't miss the sunday mass.
Good thing we got accomodated with our first, they were charging us $30 for 2 pax, extra person be charged $10..holy cow! Fortunately, there were also other family who requested it. So, we were not charge anymore! Phew!
So our suggestion to El Nido, to just get a priest to say mass on sunday because there will be people who don't forget that they are Catholic and sunday is a day of worship. No exception even on vacation.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Kayaking Too Long.

We have been kayaking for 10-15 minutes and Aidan was already up and about...singing didn't work anymore and worst thing was that there were sea urchins all over us...dangerous to fall into their hands especially with Aidan...we had to really get our act fast...actually, Poppa was the one who maneouvered all the way because Momma had to take care of Aidan so you can just imagine how Poppa was tired but I knew he enjoyed the race with Uncle Rommel and Auntie Maong not to mention, arriving first at homebase.

Another Nightscape @ Pangalusian Island.

This time it was the management who arranged a dinner at this island. We weren't able to go with the hike to catch the sunset because as usual, we had to go island hopping, hopping and hopping. We had a nice time here as night to send us all to sleep mode after eating sumptuous meals prepared by el nido staff. This island is an exclusive beach for el nido guests which no locals can go...see? we have such privileges after all for having paid xx amount hehehe...

Kayaking The Small Lagoon.

oh yeah, walang iwanan...Aidan was with us all the way...even when we were kayaking...what an experience for Momma who was quit tensed after a while because Aidan was already impatient and standing up and wanted to have his dose of exercise on the sand...good thing that there wasn't a trace of tension here in this photo..good job Momma! We had to sing and sing out loud for Aidan to be entertained. Of course, we had to sing his songs so he can also sing with us...

What's For Breakfast Kabarkada?

Longganiza, tocino, bangus, yohgurt and fresh fruits were our breakfast at the beautiful island of island just to ourselves.

Breakfast @ Pangalusian Island.

oh yes, we had the island to ourselves...wasn't that cool? We had bangus, tocino and longganiza, yohgurt...yummy!...amazing sight huh!..that we just had to take photos wherever and whatever we do for aidan's he will have proof that he actually went there when he was only 15-month old where Poppa and Momma took more than their 30 living years to be at this place!

Off To Sleep...

uhuh....aidan's in his sleep mode...just for that moment...and with a blink of an eye, he's up and about...not a dull moment with will always feel hungry just after eating a full meal because of the way he lets you run after him...yeah, Momma agrees, don't you all? But, if he is going everywhere, hmmm...i hate to bring this up but....why is he as healthy as he is?...hmmm...that's what you call baby FAT! not babyphat! But we ove those fats! That's what makes him CUTIE!!!! mwa! love your own! way to go aidan dominic!

A Rest At Lagen.

After a hearty lunch at this side of El Nido, we took a rest before we go for our island hopping on our 2nd day at El Nido. Of course, we need to maximize our stay here because it might be a long time before we will be able to go back here...ahem, ahem, any sponsors reading this blog?....can we just squeeze in your luggage?...yes, we brought a luggage...mostly, it was Aidan's paraphernalias....extra clothes here and there...excess is better than to regret...we would not be having overweight luggage since no shopping will be done here.
Sorry for the distracting sight of that white leg portion of Momma there...i know, Poppa would have wished he had something to cover it with...hahaha

Attendance Check!

Can you count how many fishy fishy there were? oh yes, we wanted the fishy fishy to come near aidan so we fed them bread..and there they went...swarming and quickly eating the bread...we got it from the breakfast table. Aidan got fascinated with so many fishy fishy that we finished all the bread we off went Poppa to get more bread for baby Aidan.

Diaz' Under The Heat Of Sun.

once again, Poppa and Momma just loved to be with my "salbabida"...can't you adults get your own?! hahaha sa totoo lang, they just can't resist me! they can't take their eyes off me! of course, silly, i might wander off to that island you see at our backs...yep, that's how fast i can...this water indeed would be a challenge for me. Will I take your challenge? Ready, Get Set, Go!

Three's A Crowd.

Poppa and Momma decided to be with me, see? Umaangkas pa sa akin...hey, we might drown...get off you grown ups! This is only for babies like me!
See, am all gear up! With my goggles, i'll have a sunburn with the google marks...hehe How cute would that be? Stay tuned if I really had that mark!

Being Independent.

I can now swim! I'm having the time of my life here...but...uhm...Momma, why am i holding a rake when i'm in the water? Isn't it supposed to be used on sand...oh whatever! hahaha
This is the start of aidan's beach adventure...i hope he won't attract too much sun rays...yup, put some sunblock all the time....i can still smell the lotion on him.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Father & Son Moment.

....captured moments....ang this photo!

Another Happy Family Photo.

...with a limestone background...

Look At The Water.

Momma just had to cover up Aidan for the heat is too hot to i smell sunblock lotion all over you guys?...come on now, you need all the sun you can get....but then, the sun at that time was not good for the skin...

A Close Up Smile.

Hammock Ride.

..enjoying the hammock ride..while waiting to be transported to the wonderful island of el nido....

My Seat.

Another chance to have this privilege seat on the house...which Aidan cannot miss for his every speedboat ride.

Pakiss Naman.

an endearing moment with my Poppa....a treat that is to be treasured always....what more can you ask for? ..a pure and sincere fatherly love and affection...

Sunset Photo.

A Family Boat Ride.

Poppa and Momma enjoying our boat ride on our first day at El Nido.

Driving The Speedboat.

every chance he gets, he surely doesn't let it pass...such a simple way to put a smile into this baby's face...

everytime we ride on a speedboat which was most of the time whenever we get near the island, he would always direct momma or poppa towards the wheel....yes, any wheel he sees, he would definitely manouever it. thanks for all the manongs who lets him get the feel of being the driver of the speedboat. he surely enjoyed every minute of it.

A Walk To Remember.

alas, aidan got away from his poppa and momma...and does what he likes best....walk around independently....he loves to just walk himself...yes, he doesn't like to hold your hands...acting like a young adult at a young age...pls, aidan not tooo soon...momma likes to still baby you...

one also has to have a fast eye and quick in action for aidan's very minute he is doing this, the next glance of yours, he has gone too far that you have to run and catch him...yes, he is that is like he has drank too much energy drink..momma, are you into those drinks?...better stay away from those....

Look Into Thy Eyes.

....such a photogenic photo of Aidan....

...a photo for keeps....actually, ain't it all for keeps....

Another Airplane Ride.

Another crampy ride...aidan had to be fed at the start of the flight because of the air pressure on his ears...he yet has to learn to equalize on his own...good thing, aidan is very well behaved in this kind of flights. he just sat and drank his milk and later on, was snoozing...we had to wake him up earlier than usual...