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Friday, April 28, 2006

El Nido, Here We Come!

another vacation for the young lad...lucky aidan to be going to places at such young age...
while waiting for our flight in the private lounge of el nido guests...we were served with drinks and burger...while aidan was offered chuckie! lucky lad! we were also wanting that chocolate drink for ourselves...just be patient....aidan will tire of it after a while....tick tock tick tock...shake, shake, shake..oh no! aidan was able to finish it off!...of course, with a little help from Poppa....wait until Aidan gets older, he will be the one to get more than his share of our fave drink or food...
we are with uncle rommel and ninang they are not an item...just plain friends...just sit and relax and enjoy the sceneries...btw, happy 38th wedding anniversary to angkong and ama!


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