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Sunday, April 02, 2006

I'm The Bravest Amongst You All.

see? am not afraid of this dino!

this is one of the parks we went to...wish we could have gone to all of the parks here because back home, there are not much to go to unless you live in a community or village! am enjoying too much here!

what you don't see here is a-e...sshh....but she is taking her nap..while her mika is also sleeping and her son, nils is talking with a girl...a girl! HAHAHA nils, you are still too young! that did it! a-e woke up and looking for nils...and she saw nils talking with this girl..hehehe...nils even told his mom to go away so he can talk to the girl properly! oh no! how time flies! and no! i don't want that too! aidan is momma's boy! can you just be my baby boy?...cuddly bubbly happy boy!


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