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Friday, April 14, 2006

Meet Mader Ricky.

Yes, we just had to take a picture together with Mader, just a souvenir for Aidan's compilation of celebrities and no other reason. And no, momma wasn't able to ask mader of any hair tips since Mader was busy entertaining his is a jam packed holy week for Golden Sunset. Luckily for us walk in people of the world, we were able to get a room, a guest backed out last minute. Poppa just had to try his luck and alas, our baby Aidan was the lucky charm.
Momma, why are you wearing Poppa's tees?...Aidan, what's that you're wearing?...that's not a dress's like a robe so i don't get chilled...see, how Momma takes care of me? I love you Poppa and Momma!


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