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Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Rest At Lagen.

After a hearty lunch at this side of El Nido, we took a rest before we go for our island hopping on our 2nd day at El Nido. Of course, we need to maximize our stay here because it might be a long time before we will be able to go back here...ahem, ahem, any sponsors reading this blog?....can we just squeeze in your luggage?...yes, we brought a luggage...mostly, it was Aidan's paraphernalias....extra clothes here and there...excess is better than to regret...we would not be having overweight luggage since no shopping will be done here.
Sorry for the distracting sight of that white leg portion of Momma there...i know, Poppa would have wished he had something to cover it with...hahaha


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