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Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm Full!

Please Change Me - 1, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

anybody please change me....diaper is already full with....pee!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Barkada.

mga isip bata kong tito...tito tomas and tito xerxez.

Smiley People!

that's my tita bing!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Para Lang Po Sa Tabi!

Bawal Po Ang Sabit, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

I Wonder.

will i be a carpenter when i grow up? or will i be a commercial model of ....? i wonder...

Stable Weight.

no need to be alarmed...i have enough baby fats stored in me...and am still growing taller...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What A Thigh!

Aidan20060627-01, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

oopppss!...we are referring to aidan's....

Monday, June 26, 2006


Tandoor Chicken 03.jpg, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

Mommy, sabi nila, ang singkit singkit ko daw.....o, tahan na anak, wag ka ng umiyak..ayan, naalis tuloy ung toothpick sa mata mo....

being unstoppable kid, there are times when we can't be quick enough to be by aidan's side whenever he gets bumped or fall on the floor like this instance...he was making all sorts of head movements then suddenly hit his head on this long make it worse, it was the edge that he got hit!...good thing, aidan wasn't hurt for him to cry out loud..

Malayo Ang Tingin.

Tandoor Chicken 07.jpg, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

...there is no exception...bata pa man siya ay malalim na ang kanyang iniisip....this is no surprise to momma because there are times when aidan just keeps silent..he just wants to laze around...lying on my legs....talking to himself..just being takes not adult to be having fun being on his own...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Driving Around.

Aidan20060625-01, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

look how he manouver the steering just comes natural to him!

aidan, put your feet on the need to use your feet for you to move bec the steering wheel will be the one to do that job for you! just seat back and relax! no worries!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


aidan can't wait to get his hands on this sweet creamy corn soup...momma had to really exert effort to get this off his reach but, see how fast his hands are? he got to it first! fortunately, the soup was just warm...warm enough for him to have a sip...sip....i think he liked the soup for it was sweet..his kind of thing..anything sweet and easy to okay for aidan...

location shoot was at peri peri chicken at the promenade in greenhills.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Cowboy Aidan.

Highland Steakhouse!, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

we were trying to get aidan to stay put with this cowboy hat on but to no avail..he knows how to put it on and take it no photo for this cowboy aidan...but one can see that he is truly having fun with the hat.

That Close Up Smile.

Highland Steakhouse!, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

.....just look at that speechless....he his definitely growing up....oh aidan....can you just stay that way? =) i love you!

Poppa's Assistant.

Highland Steakhouse!, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

let me have the pleasure in introducing you the assistant of poppa...aidan dominic...these days, he imitates his poppa whenever he is time, he was raising his arms while holding a cellphone....he was imitating poppa during one of his shoots!..holding a flash while taking photos...other time was that, he was trying to let the wireless phone stand on its own...then he would go in front and pose! hahaha, cute adorable....

so, we better be careful with our actions because the little guy knows now how to be your replica.

Escalator Up And Down.

Highland Steakhouse!, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

closing time...

this would be a great big playground huh....with all those escalators to play with...but be careful with those, dangerous to be playing better be sure that you are with your parents or guardian when you go up and down the escalator...better be safe than never.

Me and My Lolo!

Highland Steakhouse!, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

...lolo is fond of playing with me..i can sense that...whenever he gets the chance to visit me..he will...even just for a few minutes, he will stay so i can show him my latest antics...and now, after eating dinner, we again played that means, lolo is once again hungry!...plates please!

Our Squares.

Highland Steakhouse!, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

...with limited shots we have, we just chose to be in these slots where no wine bottles are displayed...nope, we are not for sale....just for display...for the night....

venue for this photo op was at highlands steakhouse...nope, it is just located at the mall of asia...but you can go to highlands if you prefer....for the ambiance...and the leisure drive to tagaytay...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

MayDay, MayDay!

anybody out there? please help me! am a prisoner of this place! i need to get out of this place once in a while! =)

wheneve poppa is having his photo shoot, he tries to set up his flash like this. yeah, that is where aidan got this idea. so we better be careful with what we do when he is around.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fearless Aidan.

Stop! - 2, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

one thing you can be sure of that he is fearless! he does this stunt every so often so we are always on guard bec you'll never know his next move.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Giddiyap Lolo.

Giddiyap, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

tama ba yan? pati ang lola nakisama sa paglaro kay sure lolo enjoyed every bit of this ride and an aching back! hehehe

Monday, June 19, 2006


so we meet again tita bing and tito tomas! were you surprised to see us? hope you enjoyed seeing p&m and your other friends! tita bing really wanted to surprise you!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Art Of Kissing.

aidan has learned to kiss his grandparents after a month of receiving exclusivity of aidan's kisses....he is such an angel to all of us....such a happy young wonder, the grandparents can't have enough of his parents...

Ako Na Lang Po Ang Isama Mo, Lolo.

we gave lolo a manny pacquiao will be lolo and someone...and i hope it would be ME!...puhlease!....i'll long that you pick me to be your buddy at the manny p fight on july2! looking forward to that fight! go, go, go!

Paglaki Ko, Gagayahin Ko Poppa Ko!

...astig ba?..ayos ang projection ah! smile naman dyan!

unstoppable aidan....mapupudpod ang swelas ng sapatos mo kay aidan...

Paramihan Po Tayo Ng Ngipin.

We are still waiting for Aidan's set of teeth to bloom. As of now, he has four teeth on top and at the bottom. So the race is ON!..When will the time come when his lolo's set of teeth be equal to Aidan's?....hmmm...just for fun...I'm sure when that time comes, Aidan could eat so much...much, much more than his momma can eat...but we hope that it would be in moderation.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Advance Happy Father's Day!

...meeting with old friends for an advance celebration to the father's present...tito todd, happy papa's day to you!...

everybody was already packing for the night but me and momma was still posing for poppa as he was taking our usual picture taking...

food was not pretty much appreciated by momma because she wasn't able to eat properly...but again, it was just ok....aidan really had a nice time...and conked out that night...we stayed at manila peninsula for the night for our bonding session with poppa.

Irasshai Tame Sango! (Welcome To Sango!)

Sango-003, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

..just hope this is correct was a word per word translation...but you can correct me if am wrong...thanks!

My Uncle and Me.

Sango-004, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

...even if i don't get to see my uncle rommel, i still remember when we were on our way home from Balesin...I was crying my heart out because i wanted out from my carseat...then suddenly, uncle rommel was singing cologne....all was silent...aidan stopped crying...momma was surprised and was asking, what was that song?! is there really a song?....yes, there was...after a few weeks, momma and got to hear it...the crying subsided but again, it was only a temporary solution...but then, it was just what aidan needed...a good get a rest from crying....and so, crying begun once more....waaahhhh! :0

Practice Reading.

Sango-006, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

..just doing my homework...reading in japanese....

My Sango Burger.

Sango-011, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

can't wait to have my own sango burger...

Can't Get Enough Of The Sango Burger.

Sango-012, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

look at aidan..while biting on his burger, shared with Momma, he was still eyeing this particular burger...can't blame him...this was with cheese slice..and of course, he shares food with it time to have his own food now? meaning his own burger?...maybe or maybe not...

we liked this burger because of the sauce it had..the sauce was like a spaghetti sauce with lotsa lotsa onions...yah, you could just imagine how much gas you'll have...but we still enjoyed eating it.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Me Again?!

Me - 1, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

can we stop taking photos of me? i am already doing silly things so i can just a have a different picture everyday. this can be tiring poppa.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Yoghurt Boy - 2, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

aidan can easily finish this 125g of yoghurt. it is good that he is fond of this...a trainingm y sister taught momma so he can have his dose of calcium.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Puffy Cheeks!

The Boss' Chair - 2, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

Monday, June 12, 2006

All Those Giants.

Isdaan -012.jpg, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

...we just took and took pictures....enjoying are trip..our food....aand we're on our way home...back to manila...

Our Flicker Gang.

Isdaan -016.jpg, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

that's badj and mm...and of course ninang maong and sa-e...poppa was the usual photographer....

we're waiting for our be eaten....kasi picture-an pa e....gutom na kami! tulo na nga laway namin e...


Isdaan -007.jpg, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

what a creature! a dinosaur! at ISDAAN!...uh-oh..i think he's hungry...we better get going or else, we will be his food....let's go boy!

No More Pictures.

Isdaan -017.jpg, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

Aidan has enough of being photographed...that is why he didn't look at the camera for this photo...but i would just like to post it so he cold have a picture with one of his fave was wide awake for this time around....okay, don't divulge sa-e for being too sleepy on the entire trip back and can't blame a workaholic gal...but then, sa-e was very helpful to momma especially when she gets exhausted from you running around and around.

Playing Together, Loving Forever.

Isdaan -018.jpg, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

Aidan was so excited when he saw this little tikes play area...he keeps on transferring from one toy to another...riding this and going to the seesaw, to the swing...everywhere...he can't have enough of it cute he is..being confused on what to play with....hahaha

a child never tires himself...til he is in the car and dozes off...

Playing With Water.

Isdaan -026.jpg, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

...aidan had fun playing with the water flowing out of this ball....he likes the coolness the water brings while being tickled with the water pressure flowing out....

nowadays, one has to bring everything for aidan...extra clothes, waterproof sandals, cap, tons and tons of diapers...extra, extra everything! because you'll never know what to expect during our adventure trips. better be sure than regret! and of course, this goes not only for aidan but also for momma!


Isdaan -030.jpg, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

don't you feel so mini being with these giants?...

Larger Than Life.

Isdaan -028.jpg, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

fishes all around...

a bigger picture of our group picture to give you a view of our background...

Isdaan at Gerona, Tarlac.

Isdaan -027.jpg, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

a group picture before we set home...all are tired...especially our beloved bloody-eyed aidan dominic.

this is another establishment owned and operated by the family operating Bario Fiesta and the likes...nice concept...the place itself can be a gimik for every one and all.

Bangui Windmills Along The Shore.

...look at the shadow...that's not our shadow..but the windmills' shadow...there were 15 windmills erected...whew! am glad we took this trip instead of the vigan trip...much worth it...than to wake up early...had to let my aidan sleep longer...he deserves it....he still have this it is time to go catch some sleep....

Happy Independence Day!

Bangui Windmills -019, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

...yep, we went all the way from manila to take a photo of this bangui windmills...ang laki nito....mainit pa din pero mas ok naman ito than sa lighthouse...

look at the sky!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Our Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon -025, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

...a color coordinated photoshoot...good thing we wore the same shade of green...galing!...can you see our background? whew! that makes the trip worthwhile!...the blue lagoon! was said that jericho rosales was having a resort built there....possible...because the clear water and fine sand was just great!...maybe better than the known and commercialized lucky the northern people to have such virgin beaches...

Our Own PhotoShoot at Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon -008, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

the other guys had their own shoot with takejiro as their model...well, too bad for them because the best models were here in this part of the be the judge..

instead of just waiting by the shore, we decided to go on and ride on we can also enjoy blue lagoon...we loved the place! no resort and not short, not a place for baby aidan...they even have a room for 500pesos and of course, it is back to basic style of living. It really doesn't matter because the place is serene and aircon free is just a-ok.

Touch Your Feet!

aidan having the time of his life...alas, he is free from the land travel...for now....

you cannot see but aidan already got red-eyed from sleepless day and night...nakakaawa na nga siya e...sobra...if i could just stay behind so aidan can sleep, i would...because it matters that he gets enough sleep bec he is one growing boy...he needs all the sleep he can get...

but with this pose, i doubt if he will sleep now...he is enjoying his waking hours too much...a child at heart...wanting to explore so many new things..

A Souvenir Photo at Pagudpod Beach.

...never fail to have a photo shoot....see the breathtaking view?....worth the trip?....

Our Room.

this was our room at pagudpod..we didn't stay at saud beach....but it was fine with long as the lodging is properly priced...with good food...oooppps...that's where we good food around....