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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pampanga Walk Tour.

More exercise for aidan. we know playing is not enough for aidan so we decided to have a walk...along the hiway hahaha. No choice because tita ajay got the van to go to mely's for her sisig urge. We had fun. It is our habit to have aidan be in between us and let him hold our hands, bonding ika nga but aside from that, we want him to be disciplined when we are outside and not just run around esp with this walking tour we had because of obvious reasons.

by the way, that's sa-e! good that she took time off to be with us. a workaholic sa-e! take a break! find a boyfriend! =) we love you sa-e! especially when you give me yummy shakes! keep it up! mwa! also, can you take time to be with me? before you know it, i'll be bigger than you and never wanna be with my aunts...if you know what i mean.

tour: a walk from jun-jun/ ala creme to mely's.


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