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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Aidan Playing With The Kids.

Nowadays, when we HAVE to leave aidan to attend to an ALL adult party, we leave them to lolo and lola...yes, aidan can be left with his grandparents...bec there are kids he can play with where they reside. He easily adapts to other kids...not his age..but older.

He likes to talk to older kids as if he is understood and he understands what they are telling him. He is just so friendly!

With this bike, well, it was donated to him by Pinoy Cook when we visited her house...Connie calls this junk and readily gave it away bec Aidan was riding it when we were already waving goodbye. Oh well, it serves its purpose...we just leave this at his wowo and wowa's place so he has a toy there. When he is not around, kids borrow problem with it. At least, lotsa kids benefits from this =)


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