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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

Can you show me how you love me?....and here it is!!!

Whenever you asked him to, this is how he would usually respond, if in the mood by the way...

And oh, the toys, he insist that those be beside him...funny nga e, siya pa ung sumiksik para di magulo ung toys. He was also the one who placed and arranged it there. Nowadays, he likes to gather all his toys and line it up or arrange it like this one...and will say, choo choo...yes, he likes trains. Whenever we pass by a railroad or along South SShiway or see the lrt, he would point and say choo choo with such enthusiasm. that's Aidan!

Before I forget, this one's for 3e, happy happy birthday to you!!! I--L-O-V-E--Y-O-U


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