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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Third Aunts To The xth Degree.

Third Aunts To The xth Degree.
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Coincidentally, I'm with my two 3rd aunties...of course, they are not in the same sa-e, rightmost, is my mom's sister while the middle woman in all white hair, is my sa-e-po which means, she is the sister of my ama. Both are the youngest sister.

Aidan had fun here in Greens! He just played around with the door, stairs, strings and umbrella. Wala kasi siyang malaro. I guess he was bored bec the adults were all chatting and chatting away. Aunt Sa-e (as she would prefer Aidan calling her) came from HK to celebrate the holidays here so we had to meet and make up for the time we lost.


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