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Friday, June 01, 2007

June 1-2-3

June 1-2-3, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

It started with our Business class flight to Iloilo then we're at Isla Naburot in Guimaras, a 45min to an hour boat ride from Iloilo! The island known for doing nothing as in nothing can be done there except lazying around! Mobile signal are weak while electricity is being drawn from its own solar system. So, what did we do there?...You figure it out thru the photos taken.
We played sungka, take a plunge into the warm water, have a massage, lounging and of course, taking photos of the place with Aidan!
We did enjoy our stay there except for the humid nights..where we were attacked by mosquitos even with the net! =( But the food was fabulous! We loved it..simple cooking of food but it was always a complete meal! Soup, salad, fish, meat, seafood and fruit dessert! Don't you just love the spread? We love it!


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